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What is Heritage Week ...

Heritage Week is the week long celebration of the Western Mining & Railroad Museum. Helper is NOT your stereo-typical Utah town! In fact, we are the black sheep of Utah -- and mostly proud of it! Helper has a unique and colorful history of railroads, coal mining, bordelleos, riots, and outlaws! It is a fact that there were more bordellos and brothels in Helper than there were churches and Butch Cassidy robbed the Castle Gate payroll here.

Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC (TGAP) has been a proud sponsor, event coordinator, marketing agency, participant and gun-toting outlaw of this event for the last four years -- but it has grown to a size where TGAP can not be a 90% sponsor/underwriter anymore! However, that is a saga for print elsewhere!

Heritage Week has gained national coverage and notoriety to the point that True West Magazine named Helper, Utah as a top western town for the last two years. In 2006, we were #10. In 2007, we jumped to #1. Where are going for 2008? Only time will tell...does True West offer a #1A?

Western Mining & Railroad Museum's Director

A lot of the credit goes to museum director SueAnn Martell's efforts in resurrecting and reviving Helper's history. She is also spearheading a much needed museum expansion -- which will also make the museum handicapped accessible. In fact, she just won an award from the Utah Humanities Council for her historic presevation efforts!

Her next major effort is to hijack a time machine and stalk Butch Cassidy -- only to find the Castle Gate Payroll gold and maybe steal his horse, and his guns, and have him autograph a photo or two dozen!

 Every year there are a collection of events ranging from Cemetery and Haunted Tours and guest lectures right up to the big finale where we shut down Main Street and have members of the Balanced Rock Regulators shoot up the street with Hollywood style smoky blanks. We also have food vendors and a merchant's row and a photo contest. Heritage Week grows every year and is rapidly becoming Helper's biggest event!

 This year we are adding a Bordello Ball -- where "soiled doves" will roam amongst the dinner guests. This event will be a fund-raiser for the museum and the estemeed guest speaker will be True West Magazine's and Westerns' Channel celebrity Bob Boze Bell! Dinner guests will be treated to a dinner prepared in the style of the old Helper saloons and brothels. After the dinner an auction will further help to promote and help the museum with its operations and expansion.

 Click here if you want to download a free banner poster of 2006 Heritage Week. It is in an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and is 4.2 megs in size which will take approximately 18 minutes to download with a phone line and will be a much faster with a broadband connection.

Helper, Utah's Heritage Week 2006 Banner

Want to know more about Heritage Week...

There is up-to-the-minute updates as to schedule of tours, lectures and events of Heritage Week. Please take a moment to browse Destination: Helper! and plan to visit what's going to become Utah's most popular event!

Heritage Week @ Destination: Helper! Utah's Guide to Helper and Carbon County!

The 2007 Heritage Week Poster is available as an PDF download -- just click on the image on the left. It is 316k in size which will take a little less than 2 minutes to download with a phone line and be much faster with a broadband connection.

Please feel free to print it out and put it up at your place of work or pass it on or e-mail it to anyone you feel is an Old West Fanatic! We appreciate any help that you can provide.

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