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Otherwise known as, "just who are all of these groups, businesses, people and non-profits that I'm about to order merchandise from?"

The Western Mining & Railroad Museum...

Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing., LLC...

Helper, Utah...

Heritage Week...

The Western Mining & Railroad Museum...
The Western Mining & Railroad Museum (WMRRM) was formed in 1964 in a small section of Helper's local WPA Auditorium by Fred Voll. Over the decades it moved down the street into the old Helper Hotel (for Rio Grande Employees) and expanded into four floors and three outdoor exhibits.

During the late 1990s the WMRRM became stagnant. Having retired from a different museum where she worked for over a decade, SueAnn Martell was approached out of the blue to take the job as director and save the WMRRM. Not only did she bring a family history of railroading, but an extensive outlaw and local history background. She brought a renewed interest in expanding and updating the museum. Working on getting the museum named as a Regional Repository, SueAnn now hopes that construction on the new addition will happen Spring 2008.

Click here for the museum's official website.

Click here for Helper's current schedule of events -- including the museum.

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Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC...

Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC (TGAP) has been in business since 1996. Originally, a Colorado business, TGAP then expanded into Utah in 2001. It's owner, Darrin Teply, has a wide and formal background in Graphic Design, Marketing, Tourism, Internet, Radio, Video Production, Print and Public Relations.

In 2003, Darrin had an idea to bring more life to Heritage Week, and he contacted the local Single Action Shooters Group, bought $400 worth of Hollywood smoky blanks and stormed the streets of Helper resurrecting Helper's more colorful and deliberately hidden past. From photo restorations and duplications, to advertising, promotions, exhibits and general slave labor, TGAP has been working closely with the museum for almost a decade now.

Click here for TGAP's website.

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Helper, Utah...

Founded in 1881, the City of Helper was named for the "helper" locomotives that were needed to push the heavy coal trains over the steep mountain grades.

As the town began to grow, scores of immigrants moved to Helper to find the American Dream toiling on the railroad and in the nearby coal mines. The largest of the groups came from Italy, followed closely by the Greeks and the Yugoslavians. Helper soon became known as the town of 57 varieties. Those immigrants have left behind a legacy that still flavors the City of Helper. Helper's Historic Main Street is listed on the National Historic Register preserving it's unique heritage.

Today, Helper, Utah is a thoroughly modern city boasting a population of nearly 2,000 people. Helper offers visitors and permanent residents numerous business and recreational opportunities for everyone.

Click here for for Destination Helper! the semi-official guide to Helper & Carbon County.

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What is Heritage Week?

Originally set aside as an afterthought with the statewide Utah Prehistory Week, Heritage Week was woefully underpromoted. Just some of our problems were; 1) Dinosaurs if promoted right -- usually overshadow outlaws, railroads and mining, 2) If we were lucky, we ended up as a tiny footnote in local tourism promotions -- usually we weren't lucky, and ended up somewhere as an after thought to an errant afterthought, and 3) With such a vast and diverse history, Utah and Helper's heritage needed their own week to promote history and the preservation there of.

So in 2002 we decided that we had enough of being ignored and brushed under the carpet and campaigned to have the two separated into their own events. We were told it couldn't be done and we were told that we wouldn't be supported. We did it anyway.

Now in it's fourth year, Prehistory Week is in May and Heritage Week is in June. While the first Heritage Week was good, the second Heritage Week was a success! Doing our own promoting and with people "shooting up the street" we pulled in more money through the museum's gift shop and visitors on the last day in FOUR HOURS (before Main Street flooded in the rain) than any other of Helper's multiple day events. This success came to the notice of True West Magazine who looked into other activities that the museum was doing and in 2006 named us their Number 10 True Western Town. We kept up with our history preservation activities and in 2007 we were named their #1 True Western Town. Right now, we're having ulcers trying to figure out how we're going to top that... but we will!

Click here for for more information on Heritage Week and a free download.

Click here for for Heritage Week's official schedule of events on Destination Helper!

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