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Who we are and what we do...

-=> Image Replicas Mercantile's Store is currently OFF-LINE as we are going through some major changes! We are now partnering with the Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association to provide on-line merchandise for this non-profit organization. The Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association is also taking over the operation of Heritage Week, the widely popular Haunted History Tours as well as other special events and tours within Helper and Carbon County, Utah! Keep checking back here as things will be drastically changing in the next couple of months. You can also find additional information about these changes on in their "Museum Expansion Update: The Murder of the Golden Goose" section. Previously, monies raised for the Western Mining & Railroad Museum did not go for their intended purposes, but instead disappeared into the black hole of Helper City Corporation's General Fund!

-=> If you still want to buy copies of photos or SueAnn Martell's books or anything else, then feel free to email Gofer and we can still sell them to you directly. Our store will return along with the grand opening of the Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association's offices, we will have a larger selection of historical photos to offer as well as more books and other merchandise like DVDs, custom mugs and t-shirts based on the many requests that we have received!

Image Replicas Mercantile was a joint effort between the Western Mining & Railroad Museum and Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC to create an outlet that supports the museum. Proceeds raised through Image Replicas Mercantile goes towards its award winning annual Heritage Week celebration.

Rails Around Helper

Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC already provides restorations and high quality photos for resale to museums produced to the Smithsonian Institution & Library of Congress Digitization Standards using hundred year archival inks on heavy weight photo paper.

All reproductions are taken from actual historical photos -- usually from Utah. Watch for additional historical photos to be added from other areas of the West. In addition, our merchandise line will expand to include more items like DVDs, T-shirts and more books.

 You may ask what is so special about Helper, Utah and the Western Mining & Railroad Museum? Well, for starters -- we've been chosen by True West Magazine as a top western town for the last two years! Secondly, the museum was a regional repository -- with a collection of over 5,000 historic photos and thousands of archive collections dating from the 1880s through modern day. And finally, in some ways we haven't left the Old West's way of doing stuff -- our last honest celebrity/politician was Butch Cassidy!

You may also ask where the photos for Image Replicas Mercantile comes from... they come from our privately purchased collections, photos left by family and friends and some are public domain historical photographs. Contrary to what the current Helper City Government claims, Helper City doesn't own everything through "imminent domain"! Some of our photos are unique digitally restored one-of-a-kinds only available here at Image Replicas Mercantile and through the forthcoming Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association.

 Feel free to browse through our wide collection of historic photographs and merchandise. New photos will be added monthly and others will be available for only a short time. We have everything from coal mining and mining camps to railroads, outlaws, disasters and life in Eastern Utah. If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know. We can search through our collections to find what you need.

Featured: Coal Camps of Eastern Utah Signed Copies Now Available...
Rails Around Helper Cover

Image Replicas Mercantile is proud to be the only on-line source of signed copies of Coal Camps of Eastern Utah! Coal Camps of Eastern Utah is the newest book in Arcadia Publishing's historical "Images of America" series. This 128 page book tells the almost 100 year story of the Rio Grande's shaping of Eastern Utah through it's need of coal. Coal Camps of Eastern Utah features newly restored and never before seen photos from museum archives and from private collections.

If you purchase Rails Around Helper as part of the "Grab Bag" or "Supply Wagon of Loot" then we will send you a personalized signed copy dedicated to whomever you want by author SueAnn Martell. Rails Around Helper is a great addition to any train buff's collection and a great way to get a start on the Christmas, New Year's, birthdays or Father's Day!

Coal Camps of Eastern Utah shows the history of the coal mining towns that surrounded Helper and supplied the railroad. Now ghost towns, these mining company "camps" ranged from cramped tent cities and tar paper shacks to large Italian stone and red tile townships. Photos will come from the museum, private collections and Image Replicas Mercantile. Image Replicas Mercantile will once again be the only on-line source for signed copies! Copies are now available in the store, individually or with a "Grab Bag" or part of the "Supply Wagon of Loot."

We want to hear from you...

At Image Replicas Mercantile and the Western Mining & Railroad Museum we are working to keep the Old West and the New West alive.

As we expand our selection, we want to know what kind of merchandise you want to see. Obviously we have a large collection of historical photos that rotate in and out. But do you want to see T-Shirts? More coffee mugs? More area post cards? DVDs? Small furry chickens? (Just seeing if you're still reading or skimming this.) We want to hear from you.

And remember, that proceeds go to support Helper, Utah's Western Mining & Railroad Museum's special events. Such as the award winning Heritage Week and the museum's Haunted Museum Tours.Email Gofer and he'll pass the information on to us for our next planning meeting!

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